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The heros of the mushing world

These guys are what make it all happen...

Chance the Navigator

Breed: Alaskan husky

Gender: Male

Personality: Crazy for lovins, but still knows when it's time to work. Screams like a wild banshy before every run.

Position: #1 lead

Age: About 5

Relations: Grandson to Lady Bashful

Comments: Has been working in lead ever since he was a pup... I like using other dogs in lead to give him a break, but Chance gets ticked off. He ACTUALY loves leading! He always sees what the others are doing wrong and corrects them.
Lady Bashful

Breed: Alaskan husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Sweet, has a smooth gait

Position: #2 lead

Age: About 7

Relations: Grandma to Chance, mother to Kodi, Luna, and Frostie.

Comments: Even though it took extra time training her for lead... we finally did it! She can even lead a seperate team by herself!

Luna de Grande

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Long legged, smooth gait, loving to me, but can be aggressive to her siblings.

Position: Swing

Age: 4

Relation: Sister to Kodi and Frostie. Daughter to Lady Bashful

Comments: Has great potential for being a leader someday... though she can be stubborn like her mom. I've put her in lead sometimes, and she can do it! It takes alot of guts to get up in front of everyone!
Frostaline the Vivacious

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Gets ticked easily, a rough player, but can be very nice.

Position: Swing

Age: 4

Relation: Sister to Kodi and Luna

Kodi Brindle

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Such a sweet girl. Packs a crazy punch when she pulls!

Position: Wheel

Age: 4

Relation: Sister to Luna and Frostie

Comments: Kodi is the Seabiscuit of sled dog racing. She is small, short legged, heavy built... but can run harder than anyone else on the team. She has a drive of "never giving up" that I have never seen in any other dog!

Breed: Euro-hound

Gender: Male

Personality: Skidderish, but can be very playful. Pulls harder than any one else.

Position: Wheel

Age: 2

Relations: None. Comes from Egil Ellis' kennel from Alaska.

Comments: I really wish I could put him in lead, but he panics and forgets what to do. He is such a little guy... with so much power. he could probably run the world if he wanted to.

Shilo of the North

Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Female

Personality: Loving, but grouchy. If she's feeling rotten, then so are you!

Position: Sideline... or pulls my 6 year old cousin around.

Age: 8

Relation: None. Comes from the pound.

Comments: Ran in lead for me when I was first getting into the sport. She is such a great dog.

Who sadly disapeared a few years ago....

Breed: Hound/pointer mix

Gender: Male

Personality: Needy, sweet, playful

Position: Team

Caleb means "faithful dog" in Hebrew